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Mocap Online - Mobility 2.7B Update and MotusMan_v55

By Crispin August 28, 2019 1 Comment

We’ve got some noteworthy news to announce, the newly completed: 

Mobility 2.7B Mocap Animation Packs Update 

Mobility 2.7B is now available in all formats: 
FBX, Unity, UE4, iClone, and BIP.

2.7B features:
Redone improved Split Jumps
- Improved Take-Offs, In-Air Loops and Landings.
Lowered Crouch Walks and Turns - CrouchWalks are now the same height as the Crouch Idle. The head will not appear higher while CrouchWalking or Crouch Idle.
New MotusMan_v55 skeleton
Minor tweaks and polish overall.

All formats(except UE4) have a new skeleton - 
Why a New MotusMan_v55 skeleton?
Long story short, we are going to a better and unified skeleton for all formats. This will make production time for current and new packs over 10 times faster and easier with compatibility across all formats! 
Many packs already have the new skeleton, and the animations remaining to update and polish as needed are: 
Ninja, Punches, and a number of other Life/ArchViz packs. 
We are working hard to get all current Packs updated to use the MotusMan_v55 skeleton asap. 


UE4 version continues to include IPC(In-Place Custom) Animation Curves as a popular added programming feature. They are used in the included demo Blueprints with Mobility Pro
Big News: IPC is now in Unity as well! See below.

Unity Versions have some cool new features with the new updates:
All Animations Set to Humanoid - And all Animations Settings set to good defaults for typical use.
New MotusMan_v55Avatar - The MotusMan_v55 and MotusMan_v55Avatar is something to take note of for current users getting the updates! It looks the same but is a little different from the previous v2 or v4, so the new v55 animations match and are designed to copy/use the new v55Avatar. They will not work with the old v2 or v4Avatar which some of our older packs are still using, so the older animations and packs will still need to copy/use the old Avatars as normal. 
UE4-style reference Root Motion - The top root node is animated to follow under the character as they move, always facing forward. A very useful function, defines the capsule, simplifies Animations Settings, and needs to be set by the user as we do not turn it on by default. 
Please read the Mocap Online - Unity Animation Notes docs for more details of these new features and Avatar tips and tricks.

Another new Unity feature from Mocap Online that works with reference Root Motion:
IPC Custom Animation Curves - IPC(In Place Custom) curves are extra animation curves added to in-place animations that define the variable speed and heading of the character frame by frame before the Root motion was removed to make them in-place. It can eliminate foot sliding and other unwanted issues with in-place animation programming. 

Sound interesting and you want to know more?
To dig deeper into IPC please read the Unity IPC Custom Animation Curves docs.
Check out the Mobility 2.7B for Unity blog: Mobility 2.7B Update for Unity
And the more technical blog: Mobility 2.7B - IPC and Other New UNITY Features
You can also look out for Unity forum posts and the forum user “Zyblade” is a great source of knowledge for IPC use in Unity.

Please stay tuned and look out for other posts about Mocap Online animations and tech.

As always, you can email us at,, and for more info and any questions you have.